Sleepless in Eskilstuna

Ghuu.. I cant sleep, but i have go get up tomorrow for important stuff!
Did I mention I have a headache? Baah..

And I have sooo many ideas of stuff i want to do, but dont have the money for.. ._.

Luckily i get to make perfumes for my friends for x-mas.
Cant wait to get my goodies in the mail.
Even spent like.. Three days ooh-ing and aaah-ing over the tiny bottles for them..
YES a might have a tiiini tiiiny bit of ADD..
So sue me! ;D

Projects in glass, metal, acrylics.. So much fun, soo little cash..
There are so many things a want to.. Create!
Im feeling a bit stiffled right now since I cant do all the things I want to, be it crafty stuff of travels..
Or getting a good nights sleep.. >_>

I just cant get in to deep sleep, i get stuck in dreamsleep, wake up, get annoyed then tries to get back to sleep.
I mean, HOW is my brain supposed to get any rest when i dream in full technicolor acompanied by smell,
taste and feeling/sensation?
Its like.. Beeing awake, but not.. Sometimes I even get the states confused..
I dont think I need to tell you how insanely wierd THAT is..

And I miss a bunch om my friends..
Both the ones far away and the ones.. Not.. So far away..
I miss.. Talking.. Geeking around.. Just.. Beeing in general..

I really feel lika taking a long walk.. But its no fun doing it alone..


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